An order is requested from the factory according to an organized process that ensures that the products are compatible with the required specifications and on time as follows:

  • Receiving an order
    Marketing Department receives the customer’s order.
  • Sales Turn
    The order to be sent to Sales Department.
  • Waiting for payment
    Coordination will be made between Sales Department and Accounts Department waiting for receiving the order related-payment.
  • Production Turn
    UUpon the completion of payment of the order’s value, the order with required specifications will be submitted to Production Department, where the date of manufacturing is scheduled and date of delivery is defined.
  • Supply
    Sales Department is responsible for following-up logistics matters; e.g. following up trailers loading according to specific measures that ensure that the product is supplied 100% safe and sound. The process is being followed-up until the delivery of the product to the factory of the customer.
  • Problem Solving
    In case of any complaints, it will be followed-up by After Sales Department. Quality and Production Departments are liable for receiving and following-up any complaint in order to find out the problem and solve it as well.
  • Quality audit
    In case of any concerns, Quality Department will send a representative to the location of the customer.